Child Support Factors

enrichment expenses of the childChild support in Tennessee is now calculated using a large number of different financial factors, including the gross income from all sources, including overtime, bonuses, and other compensation, of both parents. The child support calculation also considers the number of days (that are more than 12 hours or overnight) each year the child spends in each household, the work-related childcare expense, the enrichment expenses of the child (sports, activities, and private school education), the cost of health insurance and the legal obligation to support other minor children (but not step-children) that require support but are not part of the current order. If it sounds complicated, it is. Once all the required data is collected, the numbers are placed in worksheets that assist in calculating the amounts. In addition, where a person is “voluntarily unemployed” or “voluntarily underemployed”, a certain level of income based on earning capacity may be assigned to them by the Court.

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